Monday, 26 November 2012

Envisage the new generation of Spa furniture

It is now a very utmost matter of importance to have a spa salon in the premise of any reputed hotel, motel or any resort of India and abroad. The enthusiasm of getting rejuvenated from the healing touch of this skill is increasing day by day, thus it has created a niche in the environment to make and create scrumptious and up to the style of accessories of such demand. Esthetica is such a huge creation to cater the upcoming needs of the esteemed clients around the world. We make endow range of such demanding stuff to suit your needs.

Sprawling range to cater your need

We are producing an umpteen range of spa furniture of fine diversity, which are very lush and eye catching, The most demanding gadget is massage bed of the entire types with the high frequency to fulfill the versatile demands of the customers, the gadgets are comprising dimension of 2105 mm width and 2107 of length and it is appropriate for the large sites where the high numbers of delegate arrive and it is also well suitable for the comfort and cozy feeling for your esteemed clients. The Dhanvin wooden stool and Manik wooden stools are the appropriate utensils to accompany this featured equipment. Another best product that we produce is named “Shirodhara” it has the 830 mm length and height up to the 720 mm with supporting panels in the rear side to keep the accessories comfortably. These are the well designed masterpieces to endure the beauty and perfection of the any corresponding business.

Several other magnitudes to add splendor to your salon
Along with this we are also involved in the making and producing of some extra fascinating other goods to add an extra beauty to your salon of decency.

Foldable Equipments

 Some of the preeminent features of the services of our company are we produce multi dimensional types of products , our much acclaimed new generation article is Akriti portable massage bed with the dimension of 1845 mm of length , 690 mm width and 700 mm height from the surface to give a complete comfortable posture to the massage activities.

Akriti Portable Massage Bed

Recent new further spa accessories

In the midst creating a fine tune with the spa industry we have also made some very much proficient accessories to suit the need of decorating a world class salon that can add the fantastic amalgamation of beauty and comfort to your salon; just take a peep in to the high- end varieties of our spa accessories and equipments like; stone and oil heater, bilva wooden trolley for stone heater, basalt massage stones, instrument strelizer and towel warmer are the few to state

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