Thursday, 27 December 2012

Spa Furniture In the New Era

The recent researches in modern science have proved that people who often visit the spa are less prone to stress and such related ailments. It is not only meant for the good state of body , mind and soul but it has also an effective impact over someone’s physical and social well being as well as. There are a lot of people who prefer visiting spa regularly for these healing effects. Hence, it has commonly understood that spa with good facilities like trend workforce and suitable massage beds and similar equipments are well proved health stimulator for a human being.

A spa management who bears the common accepted wisdom for the good of its customer base can never deny for the quality equipment and accessories. There are many sources which offer spa furniture of variety but the wise one select only the best from the lot. The utmost meaningfulness of a spa salon lies in between the health and well being of its basic clients, therefore, any such compromise with quality cannot be bet by any responsible spa organizer.

Kaya Massage Bed
Esthetica Kaya Massage Bed

To name a few from the most admired spa furniture and accessories are Thai massage bed and Shirodhara Massage Beds. They belong to the well proved quality substance from the reputed Indian manufacturers.
The moderate design and comfortable appearance of these stuffs enhance the presence of high end products in the international market also. Preparing a good plan for these stuffs would be a right as well as an ample decision. A people centric venture always cites perfection in decision and direction of the ways of its operation.

Monday, 17 December 2012

De-Stressing with Ultimate Experience of Spa

All of us are hooked up with our daily chores of life in the lineally weaved strings of monotonous job, same work profile, same faces to make nuisances more and more times. All this causes stress to one mankind who ever wished to rejoice his life delightfully and peacefully. But due to certain calamities he becomes unable to carve his/her path accordingly to their wishes. Life is full of competition and barriers which pave different kinds of uncertainty to us. Then a basic question arouses what are the solutions of these troubles? The answer of such difficult question is as straight as it should be not! You may ask why? It is because the very plain reply to this question is –to listen to the whistling sounds of flute of your soul. According to several ancient philosophers, mankind is born to enjoy the all outgrowth of the world, but, lives of people have so much surrounded by the complex circumstances. Several people try to find its solutions in the traditional ways of cosmetics and chemicals but there is not any elixir, although, here someone can get the healing touch of nature which is widely available at any eminence spa.  

Why should approach a Spa?

Spa is such a place where you can get the maximum benefits of natural ways of ancient healing and treatment. It rejuvenate your mind, body and soul as well as. Visiting a spa into first time could be a fascinating experience to you. The various healing tricks served to you are basically the extracts from the ancient knowledge of holistic meditation and alchemy to regenerate the lost energy and vigor. A session at spa can make you feel better and induce you to sleep better for your health and fitness. Along with this never forget to check the quality of the services, logistics and team at the spa salon. The well furnished spa should have the high class spa tables, salon furniture and extensive range of supporting accessories to create a much comfortable experience to someone who even visited it first time.

Esthetica Shampoo Station ZS-3016

Monday, 26 November 2012

Envisage the new generation of Spa furniture

It is now a very utmost matter of importance to have a spa salon in the premise of any reputed hotel, motel or any resort of India and abroad. The enthusiasm of getting rejuvenated from the healing touch of this skill is increasing day by day, thus it has created a niche in the environment to make and create scrumptious and up to the style of accessories of such demand. Esthetica is such a huge creation to cater the upcoming needs of the esteemed clients around the world. We make endow range of such demanding stuff to suit your needs.

Sprawling range to cater your need

We are producing an umpteen range of spa furniture of fine diversity, which are very lush and eye catching, The most demanding gadget is massage bed of the entire types with the high frequency to fulfill the versatile demands of the customers, the gadgets are comprising dimension of 2105 mm width and 2107 of length and it is appropriate for the large sites where the high numbers of delegate arrive and it is also well suitable for the comfort and cozy feeling for your esteemed clients. The Dhanvin wooden stool and Manik wooden stools are the appropriate utensils to accompany this featured equipment. Another best product that we produce is named “Shirodhara” it has the 830 mm length and height up to the 720 mm with supporting panels in the rear side to keep the accessories comfortably. These are the well designed masterpieces to endure the beauty and perfection of the any corresponding business.

Several other magnitudes to add splendor to your salon
Along with this we are also involved in the making and producing of some extra fascinating other goods to add an extra beauty to your salon of decency.

Foldable Equipments

 Some of the preeminent features of the services of our company are we produce multi dimensional types of products , our much acclaimed new generation article is Akriti portable massage bed with the dimension of 1845 mm of length , 690 mm width and 700 mm height from the surface to give a complete comfortable posture to the massage activities.

Akriti Portable Massage Bed

Recent new further spa accessories

In the midst creating a fine tune with the spa industry we have also made some very much proficient accessories to suit the need of decorating a world class salon that can add the fantastic amalgamation of beauty and comfort to your salon; just take a peep in to the high- end varieties of our spa accessories and equipments like; stone and oil heater, bilva wooden trolley for stone heater, basalt massage stones, instrument strelizer and towel warmer are the few to state

Monday, 19 November 2012

Lavish lifestyle with Esthetica Spa Furniture

It’s time to think a whole new world of amazing creativity; concerned with a business exclusively dedicated to mind, body and soul. Your search end’s at the doorstep of ours where we are ready reckoned to provide you the whole dimensions of aesthetic beauty of wood created with the large ample amount of dedication, thrust and zeal for perfection in the wooden sculpture solely for you.

Entire range of Designer Spa Massage Beds

Think of the large scale availability of a full range of distinctive and tremendously blistering spa furniture; a cut beyond style, comfort and beauty especially designed: massage bed to suit the need of your dream industry. Apart from this we also offer a whole fully fledged range of extremely beautiful variety of high end quality of all type of spa furniture, like spa massage bed, wooden trolley, perpetual accessories to give an autonomous look to your salon that will reign in to market due to its only one of its kind beauty , comfort and stylish look.

No compromise with ethics:

We are in the business where ethical practices are the utmost matter of concern. “Customer satisfaction is not a bird found everywhere at a cost of a mere penny,” we dedicate our entire efforts to make a very cut above atmosphere for the grooming spa businesses with our policy of making no compromise with the quality and customer satisfaction. We take the challenge to fulfill the tailor made requirements of our esteemed customers to accommodate our range of products to their need, want and also with their desire; after all, it is not only a practice of trading either, it is an inspiration and passion for us to create the unseen horizons to the arena of spa furniture.

How much valuable is your satisfaction to us?

It is not required to say that Esthetica is largely involved into it from the very beginning of this role of courtship with spa furniture business. We try to “create rhymes through the curves of wooden pieces” taken shape in to the form of our large variety of furniture and accessories. Once you made an indulgence with us it’s our guarantee you will never see a way back. That’s what all about the explanation of our part, making our customers full of contentment with our services is the whole cost which matters for us.